About the Brand

About DT Horses

With over 15 years of experience in the team roping industry, DT Horses has bred and raised some of the top horses in the rope horse world. Their goal is to build equine athletes who are easier to train, sounder, faster, cowy and more beautiful by constantly upgrading their stallions and mares.


DT Horses believes that every young horse they raise deserves the best start possible, increasing their chance of success. Whether it’s becoming a cowhorse, cutter or rope horse, each young colt is trained to excel using a natural horsemanship approach. They receive continuing education throughout their yearling year, combined with a cowhorse start during their second year. The first two years of training are invaluable for building a horse’s confidence and chances of long term success. Before entering their third year, each individual colt starts specialized training according to their natural ability.

Patience in training begins with a great horseman. DT Horses has been fortunate to have teamed up with a number of successful trainers over the past 15 years. Their invaluable efforts and refined skills have helped us build the current team at DT Horses.


By working together, they continue to learn and grow from one another. A talented staff and supportive families are the foundation that makes it possible for the trainers to educate the colts, and successfully raise the most amazing performance horses in the country.


DT Horses Team:

Dean Tuftin

Jameson Grimes

Jeff Gleason

Reno Eddy